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Pixels & Blocks is an Official Minecraft Partner creating innovative & imaginative games and content on Windows 10, Mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.


$1,000,000 Hide Seek

Play inside of a millionaire mansion against your friends and npc players. They look, act and even think just like a normal player.


Ever wanted to create mountains for your Minecraft builds? Or want to learn to build like a pro? With Creative+ you can build & create like never before.

Crossbow Arcade

Get ready for the ultimate first person shooter experience. Choose between a multishot or piercing crossbow.

Furniture Super! Portal

Fight Furniture Super! Bosses in this funny mini-game. Choose from themed weapon kits such as The Kid, The Cat Lady or The Babysitter.

Noob vs. Pro Arcade

Use your ultimate beam saber to fight off the noobs for as long as you can. Explore the secret base to collect overpowered loot.

Super! Portal

Fight against Super! Bosses in this arcade style mini-game. Select from 8 overpowered weapon kits to take on the endless army of mobs.

Zombie Hunter Holiday

Get ready for a holiday first person shooter experience. Choose between a multishot or piercing crossbow as well as 1 of 10 custom firework kits.


Adventure into the world with your tamed Pixelmob and battle against bosse Includes Nether Update textures. Tame, battle and explore with this epic mashup pack!

Skyline Parkour

"Run, jump and fly across this neon city." Experience Minecraft like never before with this open world parkour adventure.

Super! Dreamland

Explore eight fantasy towns in this open world adventure. Defeat the final four bosses in the king's castle to save the kingdom.

Super! Dungeons

Solve puzzles, complete parkour and defeat challenges to reach the monster's lair. Defeat each boss to earn unique cosmetics.

Lucky Gifts

The season of giving is here! Explore this festive holiday city and open tons of presents. Be careful, if you were naughty this year you might get some coal!

Phantom Trainer

Have you ever wanted your own pet phantom? The people of Phantom Shores have learned how to tame phantoms and now you can too!
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